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We give more honey than bees Can…
and more heat than fire…
all with a little sparkle.

We believe that you should be able to find whatever you’re looking for, be it a gym buddy or a serious partner, without having to empty your pockets. To help you find that sparkle, we’re offering FREE subscriptions for 1 year. Sign up now; it’s the only dating/friending service you’ll ever need!

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From Random Matching
TO…(Insert Drumroll)
Matching With People Who Want The Same Things As You!​

At Sparkles, we tailor feeds based on preferences, so you know exactly what your prospective match is looking for. We like clues only in treasure hunts 🙂


Our revolutionary interface empowers you to choose your own experiences and give suggestions for awesome activities so you can be comfortable wherever.


We get it,  meeting people through apps is hard.  To help you  share your stories , we provide a platform  where you can talk to people, get advice, and share tips on how they can get better at dating!


Friends. Community. Relationships. Hookups. Dates. The only thing left is a priest. If you get married, we’ll get you that too 🙂